There are so many Blender sites and tutorials available, it's mind boggling, and a challenge to keep them organized and readily accessible. was created exclusively to help Blender users, especially new users (like me) to get around in the vast Blender learn Blender and grow with the program as it evolves.

No attempt is made to compete with other fact I hope this site will increase their traffic.

Many thanks to Ton Roosendaal and the Blender Development team, as well as those who have taken time to create all the great free tutorials. And last but not least, all those who help by giving us a leg up at the many forums. Great community!

Also, special thanks to "radialronnie" at BlenderNewbies forum for suggesting the domain name,, and for all the help he's given me (and many others) at the forum.

Please let me know if the navbar is (or not) user friendly, or if you have any is welcome.

Have fun learning & using Blender to create anything you can imagine. =)

Cal McGaugh (aka "3dcal")
Escondido, Ca, USA

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